Being Transgender - Series 2



series 2, episode 1

At 15 years old, Jacki identifies as gender fluid. Their mom, Brea shares her story and journey in supporting her child through their teen years. She discusses topics including acceptance, religion and social implications.



series 2, episode 2

After graduating college, Aly found herself with some time to reflect on and assess her life. Assigned male at birth, she decided to embrace the fact that she was a woman.

Shannon and Brooke


series 2, episode 3

Imagine your spouse telling you they are transgender. That's what happened with this Springfield, MO couple just a year and a half ago. Hear this amazing story of understanding, support and love.

Sharon Dunski Vermont, MD


series 2, episode 4

Sharon Dunski Vermont, MD, pediatrics explains being transgender from a medical perspective and provides tips for parents. Dr. Vermont is a pediatrician at Wash U in St. Louis, MO and a board member for TRANSPARENT support group, which empowers children to live authentically.