Suicide - Series 1



series 1, episode 1

At just 19 years old, Sam felt the pain of anxiety and depression take over his life. His mom and girlfriend share his story and provide advice to family and friends of those living with a mental illness.

"Everybody wanted to be Sam, but Sam."  

- Mary Jane Holmes

Sam, part 2


series 1, episode 2

Representatives from NAMI Southwest Missouri tell us how they're helping our community with access to mental health care. Also hear from Mikala, Sam's girlfriend, and get advice from Sam's mom, 

Mary Jane.

"Be kind to everyone."  - Mary Jane Holmes



series 1, episode 3

Musician and music teacher, Jason Spell, lost his life to suicide February 25, 2017. His mom and sister share his story of coping with anger and anxiety, as well as how the loss has impacted his family.

Wendy Ryerson, MS


series 1, episode 4

Wendy Ryerson is a licensed professional counselor in Springfield, Missouri. In this episode, she discusses social media and the impact it has on mental health, while providing tips on how to manage usage. She also discusses how to cope with anxiety, depression and anger.  



series 1, episode 5

Gage Coble, from Nixa, Mo., was 15 years old when he lost his life to suicide. His father shares his story and encourages us to bring the topic up in conversation.

"To avoid talking about suicide is almost ignorant." 

- Dave Coble



series 1, episode 6

  At the age of 23, Stephanie lost her life to suicide. Although her childhood was filled with physical and mental abuse, her sister says Stephanie was a pinnacle of strength. Kayla shares her journey as she heals from this devastating loss and provides advice for communicating with those who struggle.

Dr. Ferguson, part 1


series 1, episode 7

Dr. Mike Ferguson is a psychologist, suicidologist and mental health coach. In this episode, he explains mental health and teaches us where to seek help.

"It's not that you're broken, it's that you're stuck." 

- Dr. Mike Ferguson

Dr. Ferguson, part 2


series 1, episode 8

Dr. Mike Ferguson, suicidologist, discusses how to responsibly address the topic of suicide, along with when and how to take suicide threats seriously.

"I wish I could say suicide intervention was rocket science, but it really isn't." - Dr. Mike Ferguson



series 1, episode 9

After losing her best friend to suicide, Carli is going through her own journey of grief and healing. When her parents learned of her own suicidal thoughts, they immediately sought treatment. Carli wants to be an advocate for others who suffer with mental illnesses.